Conservative Sites banned from Google and Facebook

Note: 8/28/2018, Even the President is tweeting about it. is not being ranked in Google.  So if you would like to continue to see our written viewpoint- please help us by purchasing something from our Amazon affiliate links.

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Internet search is monopolized now.  If you use search, instead, you will not be tracked and they are not like Google and Facebook.  If you are conservative, simply close your Facebook Account now.  It’s only going to get worse.  Next Facebook will log you in a blacklist of being conservative and “push” ad’s you don’t want simply to bombard you with their propaganda. Both of these liberal controlled platforms continue to do their best to insert negative and irrelevant articles about President Trump. They want to squash conservatives and avoid debate and silence conservative voices. They spend millions lobbying along with the rest of Silicon (Swamp) Valley and they are doing the American public a huge disservice.

In order to combat the continued Google Bias against Conservative voices and ranking in the search engine results- we kindly that you speak up and tell your friends and make your voice heard so that this changes.

Information is not supposed to be skewed in favor of political bias.

Information is supposed to be open and present both sides of the argument fairly.

It’s bad enough when Fake News MSNBC and CNN continues their drivel over and over, but you can change the channel.