Google Video Leaked

Not on Youtube (Owned by Google)

Breibarts description of the video taped inside google’s headquarters

“A video recorded by Google shortly after the 2016 presidential election reveals an atmosphere of panic and dismay amongst the tech giant’s leadership, coupled with a determination to thwart both the Trump agenda and the broader populist movement emerging around the globe.”

Exclusively brought to you by Breitbart News, this tape shows proof of why conservatives are being dismissed, shadow banned, etc.  The leaders of Google clearly show bias and this leaked tape is here for the entire world to see the future.  Liberals bet on censoring, not remaining neutral, fucking up the internet and on the side of Fake News CNN.

SHARE THIS VIDEO!!!!  Scroll down to bottom page to watch entire leadership of Google.   Globalists, and Global Agenda continues on at Google, they are empowering the socialist agenda.

11:36 in video “Google is a trusted source of information for people around the world”   – is this really true?  Or is it a LIE?  The algorithms change daily, and Google can take the high road and open up search for all points of view instead of censoring.  But they seem to have a real agenda.

12:50 in video: “GOOGLE: The values we hold here at this company transcend politics, and we are going to constantly fight to preserve them”. 

So, the major question is to Google- if your own personal values are aggregated collectively and are in promotion of liberal and left, that means the liberal agenda will be propagandized and conservative speech will be silenced.  Just like CNN.

IN TODAY’S Computing world, YOUR PRIVACY IS BEING INVADED FROM ALL DIRECTIONS, not just Google.  Google’s “FREE” products are used everywhere- the Chrome Browser especially and daily when they spy on your every move in using their products like Gmail, and the Google search engine that tracks your IP address, exact location, your computers serial number (MAC ADDRESS).  Worse yet, is the Android operating system which is filled with hidden spying features that you do not have any control over.  If you have technical knowledge, watch your router log file.  Leave your phone on connected all night long, and watch how many times Google pings your router and logs where you are.  This is NOT necessary as no activity is occuring.  For example, if you shut your app’s off the phone off at night and go to sleep, the Android operating system will periodically simply go out on it’s own and retrieve any data from your router, the current IP address, exact location, etc.  Even if Location services are turned OFF.

Did you request that to occur?  Maybe you don’t care.  For our team, we certain did not.

The same thing occurs all the time with Windows 10, Apple’s OSX and iOS are somewhat better but now with the announcement yesterday of more “health logging” on the new iWatch product- your insurance company will pay to access your health condition as the data is being logged and transmitted continually to the Apple Cloud.  Imagine what happens to your Insurance Premiums?  Amazon has mentioned getting involved in Insurance, so if big tech enters the health care market they will be literally watching your pulse and heart arrhythmias and alert their billing department.  “Smart people won’t use Smart watches”

Windows 10 operating system software that Microsoft has buries all the “updates” disabling functionality making it quite difficult for the average person to find it to turn it off.  So see what happens when you are say changing photos from an SD card, the SD Card will be ruined and need reformatting due to Windows 10 updates that you did not authorize and could not turn off.  One of our reporters had this occur several weeks ago.  Great.  The reason is not to secure your computer from malware or phishing or spyware, but it is to track your habits, your location and all it can discover.  Anybody that owns an Alexa product has certainly given up their entire privacy.